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  • New Course: Wireshark Display Filters Tips and Tricks [CPE: 1.0] Learn new display filtering techniques including filtering based on fields/strings, using the dreaded "!=" operator, and building offset (and bit-level) filters. This course includes two Notepad ++ macros that you can use to convert coloring rules to Filter Expression buttons and convert Filter Expression buttons to coloring rules.


  • Regular Expressions (Regex) Primer [CPE: 2.0] Learn to use Regular Expressions (Regex) with your Wireshark display filters to detect key words, decimal and hex values, email addresses, IP addresses and more. In addition. Laura covers the numerous Wireshark PCRE Regex "issues" and work-arounds.
  • Lab Solutions - Wireshark 101: Essential Skills for Network Analysis
    46-videos covering all labs in the Wireshark 101 book - see the Documents sections for the lab list PDF
  • Find Stuff Fast with Wireshark Filter Expression Buttons [CPE: 1]
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